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Hi DB,

Thanks for posting, and for the kind words of support!!!! All the best of luck to you too. We all have our unique journey, and while we are all at different stages, we all have the same goal to lose weight/get healthy.

I think these forums are just great, I have just been reading through them today. I feel this mission has sort of taken over my life right now too, but the new lifestyle changes should come to feel natural in time. Yes, takes awhile to settle into it.

I decided to take my measurements (just measuring my bust/waist/hips). I tend to step on the scale everyday (or multiple times a day.....) if I have one too handy, and that can be discouraging. I used to keep the scale in the kitchen, thinking it might motivate So, I put the scale in a closet, and am only going to weigh myself once in awhile. I carry most of my weight around my belly, it will feel good to see that number decrease.

What are you doing for exercise? Me, I am walking and stretching. Committing to 1/2 hr on the treadmill or outside, per day, for now. Will ramp that up. I really like the food tracker here; it is easy to use, fast and excellent! I am very stats oriented, like to see the nutritional values and all the different progress graphs.

Thanks for being here!
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