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Originally Posted by fullcoupe View Post
Hi everyone. I am 21 yrs, 6' 1" and about 145 lbs. I don't mean it in a bragging sense - but I can eat crazy amounts of food and won't gain an ounce. I've been this way since I started getting taller around middle school, where I basically stretched vertically but remained the same horizontally. My doc has told me numerous times that my metabolism is extremely fast and this is why I don't gain like everyone else.

Currently, I eat more than usual, but not as frequently as I used to. Where in school I used to eat breakfast almost every morning, and lunch every day - I now find myself too busy with work. Usually I find a little time to eat at lunch, be it a sandwich or leftovers or whatever.

For dinner, I try to eat a well-rounded and largely-portioned meal. For example, yesterday I had two grilled chicken breasts, rice, half grapefruit, peas and a yogurt. I follow those same lines for other meals, but with different meats, carbs and fruits/vegetables.

I will then work out for a good hour -- mostly upper-body dumbbell exercises, lifting 15-25 lb. weights, squats, pushups, situps/crunches, and hand grips (triceps/wrists). I do reps until I can't anymore, and then move onto a different exercise. I do this every other day; on the off days I'm usually a little sore but not too bad. On weekends, I will sometimes go for a 2-4 mile run or play basketball; however being winter I have curbed that back a little.

After I work out, I drink 16oz of cyto gainer to fill in more calories. And after that, I normally go to bed.

A) What is more important to gain weight, eating less more frequently or eating higher volumes in general?

B) What should I incorporate into my diet to improve lean weight gain?

C) What should I incorporate (or get rid of) in my workout routine to improve muscle gain?

D) Any other pointers...?

Thanks for your help...
I'm not a nutritionist or doctor but this is my opinion.
A) When trying to gain weight, I don't think eating less ever fits into the equation. I'd say try eating more AND more frequently. For the above sample meal, I'd swap the grapefruit and yogurt for something heavier like a sweet potato, etc. If you enjoy grapefruit, you can use the grapefruit for right after your workout.

B) Good clean food and lots of it. Grilled chicken breast, steak, fish, eggs, brown rice, sweet potatoes, broccoli, fruit, etc.

C) CUT OUT THE CARDIO! Lift HEAVY! Give your body time to rest before working the same muscle groups.

D) Compound moves like Squats (front, back, overhead), Deadlifts, Pullups, Dips, Good Mornings, etc. are always good.
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