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Default Skinny guy trying to build muscle

Hi everyone. I am 21 yrs, 6' 1" and about 145 lbs. I don't mean it in a bragging sense - but I can eat crazy amounts of food and won't gain an ounce. I've been this way since I started getting taller around middle school, where I basically stretched vertically but remained the same horizontally. My doc has told me numerous times that my metabolism is extremely fast and this is why I don't gain like everyone else.

Currently, I eat more than usual, but not as frequently as I used to. Where in school I used to eat breakfast almost every morning, and lunch every day - I now find myself too busy with work. Usually I find a little time to eat at lunch, be it a sandwich or leftovers or whatever.

For dinner, I try to eat a well-rounded and largely-portioned meal. For example, yesterday I had two grilled chicken breasts, rice, half grapefruit, peas and a yogurt. I follow those same lines for other meals, but with different meats, carbs and fruits/vegetables.

I will then work out for a good hour -- mostly upper-body dumbbell exercises, lifting 15-25 lb. weights, squats, pushups, situps/crunches, and hand grips (triceps/wrists). I do reps until I can't anymore, and then move onto a different exercise. I do this every other day; on the off days I'm usually a little sore but not too bad. On weekends, I will sometimes go for a 2-4 mile run or play basketball; however being winter I have curbed that back a little.

After I work out, I drink 16oz of cyto gainer to fill in more calories. And after that, I normally go to bed.

A) What is more important to gain weight, eating less more frequently or eating higher volumes in general?

B) What should I incorporate into my diet to improve lean weight gain?

C) What should I incorporate (or get rid of) in my workout routine to improve muscle gain?

D) Any other pointers...?

Thanks for your help...
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