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Yes, I agree with both of you. One of my fave snacks is yogurt with fruit and some chopped almonds sprinkled over if I'm low on protein and fat for the day. The fruit with the whipped topping sounds good, too.

Sounds like the "Italian festival" is something that you could split with about eight people if you need a taste (unless of course it's a trigger food).

You guys are doing so great; I'm so excited that this can be done!!!!

My MIL is Italian and I've been experimenting with sauces and have switched over to the whole wheat pasta. We only have it once every month or two, but I was surprised at how healthy the basic sauce recipe is when I calculated it's mostly just tomatoes and spices.

Spoon, Manda, great job, and thanks ladies for the advice on jeans. The aforementioned MIL is visiting later in the week and we will probably go shopping. Hopefully it will be better than last time when I had the Great Thigh Meltdown .

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
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