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Originally Posted by top_dog View Post
First a brief background on my self I'm 23, weighing 12stone, 5.8" in height and a student in the UK :-)
I did go to the gym for about 6months about five years ago but i didn't follow it through, i was young and easily distracted. But now I'm 100% dedicated and i had a few questions regarding eating healthy so thought i would join the forum and gain some knowledge from some of you experienced members.

I have recently took up Jogging in the past 3months to get into shape. I can run a full 4miles without stopping which is a big accomplishment as i was pretty unhealthy to begin with. But now i want to join the gym, start eating healthy and eating the right food to gain muscle. I have read a few articles and threads about which food to eat but i don't really cook. I wanted to know were i can get info on how to cook these foods and how some of you learnt how to cook these foods and your daily meals.
Hi Topdog - welcome!

Some of the best recipes are the simpliest - broiled fish with lemon, roasted veggies, salads with low calorie dressings. There are a number of recipe books out there with lots of ideas for low calorie meals, but also a number of websites. is a great site that allows one to select for certain characteristics like "low calorie". I use it occassionally when I have an ingredient I'm not sure what to do with, or want to do something different, like fennel or parsnips.

If you scan through the posts in this section you should come across lots of ideas for super simple to more complicated soups and stews.
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