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Beth- Every other time I have lost weight, I was the same way. In fact, I remember another time when I reached a 25 lb. weight loss goal, my "reward" was to go to my favorite Italian restaurant and order the "Italian Festival". (The plate was the size of my head! lol)

I now realize that you are exactly right. I've increased a few more healthy carbs, granola bars for example, and am allowing a few more healthy snacks during the day. One of my new favorite evening snacks is a large bowl of fruit with fat free whipped topping. (Topping only has 20 cal. per 2 tablespoons. Not exactly a health food, but it satisfies my craving for something creamy like ice cream.)

I'm afraid my "Italian Festival" days may be over... sigh... But my husband is following the same maintenance plan, making it much easier for me to eat clean. We keep each other honest.

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