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Default I havent lost weight in 2 months but on a 488cal deficit

For the past 2 months I have not lost weight. The calorie deficit according to some of the reports is 488 and I believe that is an average for the past 4 and a half months that I have been using this(it calls it calorie restriction). I have been eating relatively the same amount of calories the past two months as I have the first 2 months the only difference is I stopped doing cardio in November however I only burned between 500-1000cal a week but I guess it could have some bearing on metabolism which leads me to this, I have recently had to start taking medication for thyroid and I know that will mess things up. It just does not seem like the loss of cardio and gain of thyroid problem could completely balance out a near 500 cal cut to make it maintenance(eating the amount of cals you need to maintain your body weight). So what I think has happened is because of the thyroid problem I have retained more water weight and one piece of evidence really leads me to believe this and that is during the past 2 months the lowest I have weighed is 206 near the beginning of November(if you check my profile it says 204 but that is just a guess of what I lost over that amount of time and I stopped doing that after that first one)then in the middle of December I started exercising. On Tuesday 20th I weighed 206 then on Friday 23rd I weighed 205. It was too quick of a weight loss to not be water weight.

I have had some people comment on this from Fitocracy but the majority of responses were aimed at what I have been eating saying I need to eat less and no junk of any kind when I have been maintaining a deficit so it doesn't matter that much. It couldn't be that I need to eat less in fact according to a TDEE calculator I need to eat more because I lift weights 3 times a week making it a "moderate activity 3-5 times a week" 3000cal TDEE. However this is a bit preposterous as I would have nearly a 1000cal deficit if this were true/accurate making me lose 2lbs a week when I have only ever lost about 1lb a week.

Why have I not lost weight the past 2 months?
What is my TDEE?
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