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I've been off and on weight watchers for awhile, but I just decided I couldn't afford it and hadn't lost any weight. I only want to drop 8-10 pounds, but they haven't gone anywhere! I was explaining to my fiance just a few minutes ago why I was excited to do fitday-I had two eggs for breakfast with a tiny bit of pam. Maybe not what I want to eat every day, but very tasty and filling. And only freakin' 140 calories. Whereas if I was still doing WW, that woudl be like four or five points. Just because no fiber and some fat. Those points constitute nearly 25% of my daily points. I'm hopeful that by monitoring my calories and focusing on getting enough protein and continuing my running the weight might eventually leave me. Although I have to say, at 31 the weight doesn't leave as quickly as it did at 25...
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