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Arrow 2012 is the year of change - from 330 to 220

Hey there -- I've been following for a while, and finally in the right mindset to fully commit to a full on lifestyle change for 2012. I've tried this several times before, but kept getting off track, and regained any weight... this year is different! This isn't a New Years resolution, its something thats been a long time coming!

I spent the past several years in school, working long hours, but have realized that in 2012, there are no excuses to get in my way -- its the year where i'm going to focus on losing the weight i've had all my life.

I'm in my late 20's and about 330lbs -- I'm pretty tall, but need to get down to around 220lbs to be considered healthy again.

I've been on and off over the last year been exercising more and eating (a bit) better, but I'm going to ramp this all up in 2012. I find when I give myself an agressive goal, I do a lot better, so I've planned a bit of a personal roadmap for the year.

I know that there will be challenges along the way, and it may not always work out to plan, but I feel better having a starting point to guide me.

Weight Goal:
Starting Weight: ~330 (figure i'll be at that for Jan 1)
Goal Weight: 220
Target Monthly Weightloss: 10lbs

Exercise Goal
- complete 1 hour of exercise minimum 2x/week, ongoing (gym, bike, jog, etc)
- climb local mountain minimum 2x by November 2012

Food Goals - I set this, as I eat out a fair bit. Need to cook at home more.
- eat 3,000 calories/day (need 4200 to maintain)
- eat breakfast at home minimum 6x/week
- eat lunch at work minimum 3x/week
- eat dinner at home minimum 4x/week

Misc Goals:
- sign up for (a better) gym membership by Jan 15, 2012
- sign up for personal trainer 1x week by March 20 2012
- able to run 4km (2.5 miles) without stopping by Aug 31, 2012
- post minimum 1x/week on FitDay forum, ongoing (keep me focused!)

I'm open to any advice or guidance -- As you see by my last goal, I'll post on this thread once a week for an update. This community is a powerful tool, and the people on here are great at providing support!
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