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I am what I call "85% vegan", meaning that I'll occasionally eat some meat or seafood, and rarely some dairy products.

Some weight loss tips... I'd have to say that a key is eating diverse foods, to make sure you get all your nutrients that you need. Unlike meat, most plant-based nutrients are spread out over foods, so it's important to eat diverse foods, and make sure you're getting all your essential amino acids. I'd also say, remember that even though vegan is healthier, it doesn't mean less calories. Fritos are vegan. Bread is vegan. Olive oil is vegan. Just make sure you're eating the right kinds of foods, and the right amounts.

Good luck! :-)
25 year old female, 5'7"

11/26/11.... 263.0 lbs (day 1)
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Goal weight: 160 lbs.
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91.8 pounds to go!!!
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