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Lowering my sodium has been my greatest dietary challenge. When I first started I was usually over 4 grams of Na a day, and only about 1.5 grams of K. Totally out of whack. Now I'm getting about 2.4 grams Na and over 5 grams K daily. It's the ratio between the two that's important.

For now I'll just say that I've decreased my canned goods intake and of course avoid fast foods. I'm cooking more meals at home where I can control the sodium. I've also switched to "No Salt" table salt which is 100% K and zero sodium. Took some getting used to, but now I prefer the flavor over regular sodium chloride.

Don't forget that a big part of electrolyte balance is increasing your amount of potassium. There's a thread on the board which lists all the foods that are high in potassium and low in calories.

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