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Default Body Fat Attack - SUCCESS!

It's been a long, hard road, but I did it! And this is how....

In general I do 90 minuted of cardio with 30 minutes of resistance 6 days a week.

I rest resistance Tuesday and cardio every 10 days or so.
My resistance is lower weights but high reps, then heavy every 3rd workout.

And I split my body into 3 muscle groups:
1. Legs
2. Chest- triceps - shoulders
3. Arms - back

I do a lot of weird things for cardio like military march, boxing type training,
dancing, floor rolls, squat thrust intervals and the good ole jumping jack.
And I jog, swim, play tennis, fast walk and bike.

Lost 64lbs and nearly 20% body fat - it works for me.

It was a hard leap for me as well, but after my first initial 30 lbs, I stalled, then did what any disciplined and determined person would. I starved myself. And that worked too for a season, but I was losing lean body mass too much.

Long short? I increased calories to almost 3000 to account for my activity level, exercises and other variables, and I thought NO WAY! I was eating less than half that....

Out of the 65 lb total weight loss, half of that resulted from a higher calorie diet but slightly restricted with enough of a deficit to reflect a 1lb weekly weight loss.

It worked!

And today I have a mere 12 lbs to go, eating around 3000 daily [except on rest days], losing 1 lb each week like clockwork.
If your input is right, all will be well.

Good Luck!
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