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Default How to cook healthy?

First a brief background on my self I'm 23, weighing 12stone, 5.8" in height and a student in the UK :-)
I did go to the gym for about 6months about five years ago but i didn't follow it through, i was young and easily distracted. But now I'm 100% dedicated and i had a few questions regarding eating healthy so thought i would join the forum and gain some knowledge from some of you experienced members.

I have recently took up Jogging in the past 3months to get into shape. I can run a full 4miles without stopping which is a big accomplishment as i was pretty unhealthy to begin with. But now i want to join the gym, start eating healthy and eating the right food to gain muscle. I have read a few articles and threads about which food to eat but i don't really cook. I wanted to know were i can get info on how to cook these foods and how some of you learnt how to cook these foods and your daily meals.
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