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Great job everyone. The good news is we are still being honest with ourselves about food intake, are exercising, and results ARE on the way. For those of us that lift weights regularly, please take note of your measurements more than the scale. This is really important. The scale just won't tell you how much muscle tissue you're adding. Inches lost are a better indicator of progress. Obviously measuring daily would be discouraging but once every week or two is a good idea. The scale is still a good tool--just doesn't tell the whole story.

Quinn: Good for you, girl! Maintenance is the ultimate goal. You are doing it!! It is sobering to realize that we cannot increase our calories as much as we'd hoped in maintenance. My old way of thinking was 'bring on the (insert favorite junk food)' when I hit my goal. The mindset I'm trying to cultivate when I hit 120 is 'bring on an extra fruit serving and/or maybe one more serving of starch'.
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