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Mary on the WII – good work (my WII story – a few years ago a group of college friends gathered for a weekend in Chicago. We were at someone’s house and I asked “where are all the kids?” - the answer came “they are in the basement doing WII” – but I heard ““they are in the basement doing weed” – my thought was “wow parents are getting awfully progressive!)

UrbanMule, is it my imagination that those miles keep increasing? The driving ones don’t count!

Pam, ski on – sorry it’s dissapointing, my Minnesota family is expecting a brown Christmas.

Made it to spinning – I was the only one and the teacher was a sub, did some need new moves, jumps fast and furious, and some isolation balance moves. At the end she said “if you hadn’t come, I would have gone home, instead of getting on a bike” – didn’t know I inspired the teacher.

To everyone who Celebrates Christmas, Merry Christmas, if you don’t – be merry anyway!

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