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Originally Posted by jargon62 View Post
Creatine helps replenish ATP which is the direct chemical fuel for your muscles. By keeping ATP levels high, Creatine is able to provide more energy, endurance and explosiveness which leads to an overall better workout. It is good to have and to mix, but you don't need it. Creatine is only really necessary for serious body builders. Keep in mind that even the best creatine supplements don't work like magic, there is lots of hard work to be done.
I have taken it before and it works. Just as this user has said, it can at times help you to get that one extra rep out of a set.

But please be sure to drink PLENTY of water if cycling creatine, because you can get cramps if you do not. Serious.

I will start taking it again myself soon. I dread drinking so much water, but it does make me look just a little bit more "swole" from some water retention as well.
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