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Hey Shell, I'm 29, I weigh somewhere around 300 (I've had two scales give me drastically different numbers, my digital says I'm in the 330's, my friend's analog says 305 and I'm more apt to trust the analog, as the digital one acting weird anyway. I need to go buy my own scale) so I have a much longer way to go, but right now I'm trying to get to 285 per my friend's analog by the end of March. I've been on all the programs, too, and am now doing it on my own via logging through FitDay and talking anyone's ear off on the boards. I think its great that we have to forums to pose questions, or just sound off frustrations. I feel much better being able to talk about the challenges and victories, big or small, with a group of like minded folks. Especially since I feel like this has taken over my life, at least while I adjust. Good luck to you, and remember, we're always here for you so if you're struggling or anything, sound off, we're listening!
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