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Originally Posted by Kyra2012 View Post

I am new to fitday. Can somebody give me advice how best to log meals that I cooked myself?

Do I have to weigh and add each ingredient separately each time I cook or can I create a custom "dish" that consists of several ingredients.

For example is there a way to build the recipe/calorie count for a dish like "potato and leek soup" or do I have to enter the calorie value for potato, leek, soup stock etc. separately to my daily food log each time I cook this dish?

I saw that I can create customs foods - but this doesn't work for recipes since I don't know how much calories my recipe has.

Hm, hope that explanation wasn't too confusing. Thanks for your help.

Glad to be part of the group,
What I do is go to a blank Food Log (one or two days in advance) and then add the ingredients to the the log. For example, I made Spaghetti a few nights ago, so before cooking I weighed out all of the ingredients I was using, added them to a blank log and VOILA! all the calculating had been done for me! This will tell you what is in the entire cooked meal. What I did then was divide the total numbers by how many servings are in the meal. I generally "eyeball" how many servings are in my meals, I usually round down though. I'd rather risk being under my calories than over. What I mean by that is, if I think I can stretch my pot of spaghetti to 8 decent sized servings, I'll usually divide it by 6. It's just my method.

After you create your meal in a blank log, you'll then have to create a custom food for that meal. (I do this by opening a new page and minimizing both pages so they fit side by side on my screen. It saves a lot of flipping back and forth) You can use the total numbers, divided by servings or you can weigh the cooked meal and use the total nutrition as your Custom Food.

If you choose to weigh the whole meal, be sure to type just the name in and save. After you save just the name of the meal, change "1 serving" to how much your food weighed and the unit of weight you used (grams, kilograms, ounces, etc), hit recalculate (all the nutrition should still say 0) and then hit "Edit Food". Add all of your nutritional information for the whole meal, and then save your edited food. When you eat that meal, weigh your individual portion, and log how much it weighed to your food log.

It seems like a lot of work, but in the long run it'll be easier to have some Customs that are full meals. The next time you cook that meal, it's already there. I'm one of those picky eaters that makes the same meals over and over, because I know that I already like it.

Hope this helps!!

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