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Default Recipe Builder plus other Suggested improvements

Originally Posted by desertmountain View Post
I do it like Lizzycritter does,too. There's just not a good calculator here (my only Fitday complaint).
I'm a convert to Fitday from Weight Watcher's e-tools. I found WW recipe builders and tracking mechanisms quite good, but they limit the nutritional data to WW points only. Fitday is compatible with other diet programs and provides a complete breakdown of nutritional information.

I'm fairly new to Fitday and was also frustrated by the lack of a Recipe Builder. So far these are the improvements I would like to see incorporated; I might even pay for the Premium version if they are included:

1. Add a Recipe Builder, please
2. Review the units of measure and allow for teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, half cups, 1/4 cups for all items commonly used in baking. (check ww e-tools item by item).
3. Incorporate Net Effective Carbs into the summary pie-chart so that Low Carb dieters don't need to go to the exercise of scrolling down to the tables and subtracting fiber out from total carbs.
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