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Originally Posted by Kumochi View Post
Pam I love southern California. For years I've told my friends I want to be a bag lady in San Diego when I retire. Made it to the Y tonight for 20 minutes Elliptical, 20 minutes cycling and a workout on the weight machines. Felt good. I never go at night unless to a class. I may start as it would be easier than trying to go during the day. It's just so hard to get back out after I come home.
Yea!! good job Mary. I usually have trouble getting my butt out of the house at night, but the yoga classes have gotten to be enough of a habit that it isn't much of a battle anymore. I hope it becomes a habit for you. How did you feel once you got home? Ready to relax into bed?

Originally Posted by Urbanmule View Post
Yup, Ran 3 miles
Nice Urban You are getting the distance up.
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