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Default Great job, everyone!

Hey, Miki, I was where you were...three or four weeks of nothing and then things started to move again. Hang in there and I'm sure it will happen for you, too.

I agree about the calories, Quinn. Given the state of my thighs, I decided to stick on the reduced calorie plan for another couple weeks after getting to my goal, and this week I ended up only losing .2, when the numbers would suggest it should have been a pound. But, to paraphrase you, 114.8 is a lot better than 130. However, the notion that I will have to stay at this level of calories just to maintain is frustrating.

I am telling myself that I will work more on getting the muscles going than on getting the scale to move down. One really encouraging thing this week was that my body fat percentage is at 23%, which is into the "fitness" category as opposed to "acceptable." When the busy time at work is over and visiting family leaves, I am going to go to the library and the internet and develop a more organized weight training plan.

No, I am not ready for a swimsuit, but for once every pair of shorts in my drawers fits me .

Speaking of spring shopping, has anyone found perfect jeans that work for a pear-shaped person? Small waist, larger hips and thighs...I dread trying on so many pairs and could use a jumping off point!

Way to be flexible and trouble-shoot this week, ladies! Always good to hear from everyone.

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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