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Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
Mary - sounds like you have a lot to face for good reasons – mhy not take it one calorie at a time?

Nik – sounds amazing – I love lunges, they always feel good during, and strong afterwards – that interval endurance session sounds amazing! I’m with Pam, wanna hear more!

Today was spinning – and I was forgiven for missing two classes last week as long as I truly gave all today – so I tried to – really dead at the end of some intervals, but by the end of class I was jazzed, and had some time so I did 22 crunches on the decline bench, captain’s chair lifts, squat press, push ups (basically, one and a half sets of my usual muscle workout).

Then I logged out in the computer and got fireworks, I have made it to 75,000 fit points, which entitles me to a brown T shirt!

Awesome Abby - you have a great program at the Y. Wow, lots of rewards for hard work... what a great idea!

Off to CrossFit. Since they post the WOD the night before, I usually know what I am in for, and today sounds like a nice hard work out. Lots of pull ups and since being able to do pull ups w/o assistance is a near term goal, I think I'll have lots of opportunity to work on them
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