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Hello, first again!

I've lost 1lb and a half this week, which makes me 142lbs. Not bad I suppose but it is slow going. This is dispite weekends away, meals out and people coming round to the house for dinner! I suppose I'm doing quite well considering, just wish things were moving a bit faster.

I've caught up with my goal graph from the initial quick drop in weight loss. So my target now is to not get above the line and therefore drop behind on my goal (too demotivating) which means being extra good so I've made a few changes: only 1/2 sugar in tea now, dropped the fruit with breakfast and halved my afternoon snack. Will also try to lay off the wine and late night snacks - my biggest downfall *sigh*

Got a chinese meal with work on Thursday, it's getting me down thinking about it - would rather not go but can't get out of it. Any suggestions? I am thinking soup for starter (crabmeat and sweetcorn, my fave) and one thing for main course, rather than lots of little things which will be hard to log and get right, and NO wine!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone's great results ladies! Just love being accountable to you all
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