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Originally Posted by handcycle2005 View Post
How long ago was the 5k? As you're still new to running, you will see a great deal of improvement in a short time. (Won't last forever)
This is one of the reasons I like training by heart rate-you run at the same rate and your pace will speed up on it's own as your fitness improves.

A half marathon pace will feel easy through the first part of the run. Feeling good at 6 doesn't mean you'll feel that way at 13.1.
My last 5k (race) was in the summer... I didn't really start running again until about 2 months ago. I probably couldn't do a half tomorrow, but at the pacing it says I feel like I'm doing a brisk walk/easy jog (i'm 6'4 mostly legs) so I'll just keep going at what feels right and use the guide as a suggestion
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