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Unhappy Don't know what's wrong

I have a very active job now where I'm walking,lifting,pushing,pulling etc 6-8 hours a day during slow season and 8-12 hours a day during busy season (I work as a merchandiser supervisor for a plant nursery in a garden center)

Before starting I had a completely sedentary lifestyle in Turkey and when we moved back to the US in September I started my job so I went from being completely sedentary to totally active 6 days a week. I know my back suffered from it and now my lumbar is really bad-the muscles are beyond weak. My problem is that my weight loss has also stopped completely-in fact I WAS losing weight at first, but I gained it all back in the past month. Now, I havn't changed much for me to be unable to lose weight with how active I am vs. how many calories I'm eating, but I'm starting to think it's a protein issue. My muscles are feeling like they're not developing or getting stronger from all the exertion, though normally the stuff I do would help me to at least strengthen up my muscles (I did this job years ago and I got into amazing shape before moving to Turkey).

I don't know what could be wrong. Could it be a lack of protien? Not enough water? A lack of rest? I only have one day off per week and I only get a 30 minute break at work,and I usually only tale 15 minutes and eat standing up-I rarely sit during my shift. To boot I commute home, and that's an additional hour of walking and about an hour of standing. So I have anywhere from 8-14 hours a day of standing/walking (not including home). I sometimes stretch when I'm standing at the bus stop, but that's it.

Is there anything I am doing which could be causing my muscles to get weaker? Could not getting enough protein cause my body to lose muscle? I can feel I lost some weight in my back/chest but nowhere else. I don't eat much meat at home-a lot of pasta lately, cheeses, fruit and occasionaly we'll have some fish or red meat.

My muscles feel stiff every day to boot-like I'm not rested even when I wake up (moving is hard when I finally let my body relax).
Any advise would be greatly appreciated as well as tips for stretches or ways to build muscles in my back and legs.

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