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[QUOTE=mfagerstrom;1088](2/22/2010) Update - I've started a new diet and it has helped me lose weight faster than I've seen in a long time. Down to 230 pounds now, which is 105 lost total.

You look amazing now .. Congrats on your weightloss .. You are looking totally different , guess ppl around you cant recognize you .. hats off to your hardwork .. its a pretty good number ..110 pounds in 7 months
Too bad I just found out about fitday, i am 219 pounds rite now.. I have already lost 17 pounds .. still need to lose somewhere between 55 - 100 pounds to get to a healthier scale .. i hate myself , i never took any pictures of mine recently as well due to this .. even though i dont used to eat large portions , but i have always been eating the wrong food which had high calories .. and pregnancy resulted in adding those 50 pounds in my scale ..
Your story is a motivation for me, i start believing that i can lose weight as well ..
i'm trying to watch my calories, i limit with 1400- 1700 calories per day ..
I have given myself 6 months to lose atleast 40 pounds ..
Thanks for sharing your success with us , it really makes us to believe "I can do it"
All the best for your future weightloss ..
[you have mentioned u are into a new diet , care to share? ]
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