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Smile Hi, I'm new!


I just started FitDay a couple days ago. Like many others, I have had a life-long struggle with my weight. I am 40-ish and at a record high of 248lb. I feel paniced and depressed about it, but know I need to turn this around now.

My goal is:

Current Wt, Height: 248lb, 5'10"
Goal, by June 30: 200lb
Total lbs to Lose: 48 lb
Rate: +/-2lb/week

I am not participating in any weight loss 'programs', as I have tried many in the past including Weight Watchers and Tops. My plan is to diligently track my food intake via FitDay (I love seeing a snapshop of my daily calories and nutrition, I find that very motivating!). I am going to use my treadmill everyday, and participate in the forums.

My main reason for losing is that I want to feel good in my own skin and be healthy again! Really motivated to finally DO THIS!

Anyone else out there with a similar goal?

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