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Originally Posted by sw07 View Post
WooHoo! Did my first 10 mile run this morning Felt awesome!! I could definitely feel the last 2 miles... my time was 1:41, 10:07 pace. The only part that seems to hurt are my shoulders...
Excellent! Nice pace. So glad you enjoyed it. The saying goes, the older you are the better you are at longer races. The young bucks tend to dominate the sprints and shorter distance, but it is us older (and wiser ) folks who dominate the long distance.

Did 11 miles yesterday, 9:42 pace. Problably I wouldn't have gone quite that fast if I had not been running with a buddy. It is funny we both kinda broke down towards the end. Me, just as I was finishing. My feet and legs sain "NO MORE". He broke down at about 9 miles, walked, stretched, hydrated, but recover and finished very strong. No way I could keep up with him. It was a great way to start a busy Sunday!

Oh and thanks Wayne, I am glad the suggestion helped
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