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Originally Posted by edahlt View Post
*waves madly*

So I know this post was from foreverago--I only found it via that Tag Cloud thingy, BUT I'm super excited that another vegan exists here. I've seen a few posts about people turning towards veganism as part of one fad diet or another, but none yet that are from people who are already vegan. (Or maybe I'm misreading/misinterpreting the posts I've seen--I certainly am not aiming to offend or exclude here.)

So I guess I'll just second this call for now--any other vegans? Any recipes/support/solidarity on this front?


+1 for the 'Tag Cloud thingy'. *Smiles largely*

Oh I'm sure you'll find at least a few active members that are vegans. You could start your own Vegan thread if you want. There's no recent activity under "Diets" for Vegans, so starting a new thread is perfectly acceptable and encouraged.

Also, there will also be a lot of new members here in just a few short weeks. "New Year's Resolution" thing, ya know.

Welcome to FitDay, Torre!


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