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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Cool, I'll play.

New foods I liked: Greek yogurt. It's so good, and packs big protein. I'll never eat regular yogurt again! High-fiber low carb tortillas...Ole Extreme Wellness. They're nice and soft and I use them as wraps, with Mexican food, baked, salted and cut up for tortilla chips, and baked with spray butter and cinnamon sugar for a sweet treat. Agave nectar goes on my "like" list. I don't care for it so much "straight" but I use it in margaritas and I love to bake with it.
You've jogged my memory! Oh yeah, Greek yogurt. I've only had it since the lifestyle change, and I've liked it as well. I haven't found a particular flavor or brand yet that makes it stand out above regular yogurt, but once I do, it will probably become more of a favorite for me. Any recommendations?

How did I ever forget the High Fiber Ole Extreme Wellness? Heck, I even mention them in my recipe on this site. Never had them before, and I LOVE them. Have you tried my recipe yet for the chicken, bean, and brown rice? It goes great with these tortillas, especially the sun dried tomato flavored ones.

If I baked, I suppose the agave would be a keeper for me. But I tried it with my iced tea and with oats, and yuck. I suppose it would be a winner in baking however.

Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
New foods I hated: La Tortilla Factory high-fiber low carb tortillas. I feel like I'm chewing on wood when I eat these! Flatout Crisps...ditto on the wood. I eat them occasionally, though, cause as a crunchy snack, they're pretty healthy.
Interesting. I haven't tried La Tortilla brand. Glad I didn't.

Never had Flatout Crisps, doesn't sound too good either unless one is a woodchuck or a beaver.

Thanks for playing!


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