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Farr, Your doing great, whatever you're doing must be working great. You're stronger than me on the beer, I had 6-7 Saturday night, got back on track Sunday. I do not have a set schedule for the gym. For the most part, I do 45 minutes cardio (I try to use something different each time, treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical and steper) about 5 days a week and on the same days I do 30-45 minutes weights. For March I have been doing the circuit (lower weight/more reps/very little rest between sets) weight thing and will likely do heavier lifting next month. Then try to change a little something the next. I think the main thing I have to do is stay at it with my food and exercise journal and it keeps me in line most days.
Lets keep at it and I think we will both reach our goals early. Keep me posted.
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