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Originally Posted by VitoVino View Post
No, I can see everything. Food eaten, activity, calories eaten, calories burned, custom measurements, body measurements, mood, weight change, and beer consumed. Wait, beer consumed??!

The bugaboo is that a person's journal (I suppose at least ONE part of it) must be PUBLIC FIRST, so the journal can be searched for in the search box so that a friend request can be made. Here's what happens when a person's journal is set to private:

Great question. Once I accepted you as friends, it became mutual, as your name appears on my Friends list.
Ah, good to know it's mutual. It's actually erring on the side of public openness there, but on the side of privacy by not showing the names of private log owners during search.

It's a bit tricky to figure out but it's a decent feature to just share information with just a few people. Wonder how many people use it?

Ultimately it begs the question, what if you want to share certain things with one person but not with another? It's not worth the trouble to get fancier than it is with a food log though.

Just glad that it works basically as intended. There should be privacy options for stuff like journals and mood, if they aren't there already (don't think they are). And whatever privacy options are there should be effective. Right now the calories burned option is mentioned but not implemented.
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