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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Under "My Fitness Journal" aka my food log, I scroll down and don't see anything called "My Pages" on the left. All I see is "View My Public Settings" and "Check out FitDay PC". Am I missing something??

Okay I found it: Profile>Public Settings Page>My Friends. Okay, I see now.This should be easier than what it is.

The Problem seems to be that you can't even "find" the member unless they have their journal public. I searched for a few and they never came up. Vito came up, but that's probably b/c his is set to public.
You're right. It's the public settings page not the public journal. My mistake.

It should find anyone really. You can't search for anyone without knowing their name so it's not like the name is hidden in the forum. The setting should just control whether you see anything personal after you find them.

In most cases the person would go public if they want to be contacted so probably a moot point though.

I don't know what happens on the receiver's end. Can you send me a request and we'll see; I'll send you one.


P.S. And I agree it could be easier.

Edit: I tried sending you a request but you're private, lol. Can you send me? Thx.

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