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Originally Posted by tg000018 View Post
You are sooo RIGHT. This month, with all the fixins, and the recovery from Thanksgiving......

I did get in 40 minutes of strength/resistance training this am, before work.

However i want to do some cardio this evening. (Elliptical) 30 mins approximately.

Does anyone know of what we can pick for our activity in the fitday section for this exercise??

Thanks for the help. love this website and this forum/thread.

Todd in KC
Hi Todd,
A lot of people complain about not finding elliptical in the exercise directory. I think the closest activity is probably running. If your elliptical has any of the fancy stuff that allows you to calculate calories or some form of exersion, use that number to adjust your "running" numbers.
If not, make your best estimate. I usually try underestimate the numbers by a bit so I don't get disappointed when the pounds are not falling off .

Yesterday was CrossFit - I was certainly cross. One of the girls kept getting in my way and I just wasn't feeling it to begin with, so I had a mini, and not really visable, temper tantrum (through a jump rope and was a little aggresive in dropping a plate). But once that was over and I finished the WOD, I felt 100% better. Ah the power of exercise.

I think part of my temper issues is that I may be missing my runs. I haven't run for a couple of weeks due to one thing or another so I will definitely get one in on Sunday.

Abby I am sure you will get some form of exercise in over the weekend, if only walking to complete your shopping list.
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