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As far as the monotony goes, if you've been going at it a while it may be helpful to take a break from dieting. Up to a week off eating normally, but
not excessively. During the holidays may be a good time for this, you'll enjoy yourself, maybe put on a pound of flesh and then get back on the wagon with renewed vigor. Sometimes it's best to take 1 step back and go 5 forward.

I am just back for a quick 2-day gig, eating at about half of my normal requirements. I'm thinking that dieting 2 days a week for the next 6 weeks should get off a few pounds of fat, since last dieting 6 months ago.
It's hard for me to diet continuously precisely because of the monotony.
I've considered doing the 24 hour fast, which would net out about the same:
1000 cals for breakfast & lunch day 1, and 1000 cals for dinner day 2 in my case.
However, it seems mentally harder. I could be wrong, and may try that as well.

Personally I'm not terribly active physically when dieting. Just about 30 minutes of weights on one of the days. I'm very active on other days and don't want to increase my energy requirements and hunger more than necessary.

I've also got a load of Glucomannan fiber which I find dulls my appetite.
There's research studies on it that seem to support it's use in weight loss:
Glucomannan causes an average weight loss of 1.8 lbs according to a review of 14 studies -

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