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Good work SW – a 7 mile run is impressive – I was running at that rate for part of my run today, but certainly didn’t make it an hour!

Pam and Nik – can you tell me about Power Cleans and Ramps? I thought this had something to do with keeping your ADA access from growing mold.

Pam – lacking gumption is permissible – if you get to Cross Fit you’re well ahead of most! Likewise Wayne, 45 minute walk will do lots for you.

Haree – so you’re another 4 poster.

For me it was a good strong run, I set the time for 40 minues, and the speed to 7 MPH (8.34 minute mile) – slowed down to 10 minute mile for a little while but made my 5 K in 28.45. Then I had to stop due to blister, so I moved to an elliptical.
Never enjoyed stretching more!
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