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Default Suggestion for improvement to Activities Tracking

The Calorie Balance tab is an excellent check on the efficacy of our efforts.
It would really help if it could also simply show the DIFFERENCE between what
we have taken in and what we have burnt up. Ultimately it is by having a deficit between the calories consumed and expended that we loose weight.

It is pretty widely stated that one needs a deficit of 3500 calories to loose 1 lb. So it would be fabulous if the Calorie balance tab could show where we are on any given week toward achieving this deficit.

Although I can be very very good sometimes, I can also easily fritter away my deficit in inattentive eating, say while cooking. It is not easy to accumulate a 3500 calorie deficit which would yield a 1 lb loss. If one was aiming for 2 lbs per week, one would need a 7000 calorie deficit. It would really be wonderful to have a report or layout that helped one keep in mind how near we are to this goal. If one could customize the goal, and then track, well that would be very fabulous.
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