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Originally Posted by ashleyjones212 View Post
okay so im a female, 21 years old im about 5'3, and weigh 177 however im guessing most of the heavy weight is muscle because i look at other woman who are just 160 and my height and look very very overweight, anyways besides the point i am overweight and need to loose ! fit day says 1600 calories a day but i feel thats too much ! i just started dieting but have no idea what im doing lol, and tips on good foods to eat specific brands and such would be reallly helpful and a estimate on how many calories i should be consuming, also when at the gym i do only weight training (benching,squats ect..)

I'm sure you will find a lot of basic stuff on here if you look around. To get you started, I would recommend just to start tracking your food. Get a good scale and measure everything for a week or so.

First of all, it sounds like you are athletic/muscular and may in fact need to lose little weight to be healthy. How did you determine you are 'overweight'? Don't just go on BMI or other sort of height/weight chart. Ideally you should get your body composition (lean to fat percentage) measured. That will give you a much better indication what you need to lose. There are different options for getting this done depending on where you are...but you sound like a great example where weight alone is not telling the whole story.

The amount of calories/day you should aim for depends on how much you are burning and how fast you want to lose weight. In general, the larger the difference between what you are burning and consuming, the faster you will loss weight (or gain weight, as the case may be).

As far as what foods/brands, what seems to be working for me is pretty simple. Avoid processed and fast foods. Avoid sugar/corn syrup/white flour/white rice. Eat fresh, 'real' foods whenever possible. Make sure to get enough Protein daily (for me it's 100-120g minimum). Drink lots of water (64oz at a minimum...lots of people here do more). I don't worry all that much about avoiding sugar, white bread, white rice I find this more or less takes care of itself. I also like to always make sure I'm getting enough fiber...I notice when I am low on fiber I feel more hungry.

Good Luck!
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