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Hi, I'm new here....I was wondering if anybody has tried the Atkins Diet to clear up dermatitis/eczema? I have it fairly bad for years. I've never been tested for celiac disease; every doctor I've seen just writes it off as dermatitis and gives me cortizone cream for it. But I'm starting to wonder if it is diet-related. I eat a lot wheat and love my milk and these two things I've heard can be the culprits in skin problems. So, my question is: has anyone been on Atkins and found it fixed their skin problems?
I'd love to hear your about your experiences,

ps - and I'd like to lose about 25 pounds; hence the name "Porkball"
I have rosacea--or, I should say, I used to have rosacea (for 30 years). As long as I stick to the Atkins diet--and smear coconut oil on my face daily, I have no outbreaks. When I was hospitalized (after NOT doing Atkins for a while), the meds caused an imbalance that made my rosacea almost unbearable--I wanted to scratch down to the BONE to stop the itching! I started using the coconut oil on my face and the rosacea went away almost immediately (I was afraid to take the prescription because it is known to cause intestinal problems). I now use the coconut oil behind my ears and on my scalp when I have itchy patches.
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If you suspect you have an alelrgy, eliminating likely allergens is a good idea. Many people crave the foods they are allergic to so wheat and dairy are a good start for you. Many people retain water weight by eating foods they are allergic to so you might find yourself losing weight by giving up carbs and by eliminating an allergy.
It is true that we crave the foods to which our body is allergic. If you can find a copy of it at the library, read Abravnel's Body-Type Diet. They talk about food 'allergies' (the foods our bodies can't handle) and why we get cravings--best of all, they give tips for fighting the cravings.
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Our bodies have their own inner wisdom, and as we develop a relationship with our bodies, it becomes easier to know what we need and what helps to clear up our skin. I hope these suggestions are helpful to you.
This is true. Most 'diets' work, but NONE of them work if you don't make a lifestyle change--and, some changes are easier to maintain than others. I have tried almost every diet out there, but Atkins is the only one that worked the first time--and every time I go back to it. (Even when I was doing WW, I was doing Atkins...which really ticked off our WW leader--but, I wanted real food, not WW products.) Hmmm...the Lindora Clinic diet worked also, but it is VERY similar to Atkins.

To those who say Atkins is not the book. Once you've read the book, then comment. Also, we need to keep in mind that the 'healthy' diets are often for 'healthy' people...those few extra pounds we carry are living proof that something in our system is not working properly. If we are overweight, our bodies treat everything (not just carbs) differently than if we were at an 'ideal' weight.
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