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Originally Posted by IBobi View Post
Sunday is in fact the first day of the week. Any calendar should confirm this
Actually IBobi - its not a fact everywhere - my calendar dares to say different

VitoVino - I use your advice and unfortunately it doesnt helped
I mean - no matter what day I set up as the fiirst day of the week - the appearance of the calendar stays the same - sunday as the first on the left in the row.

What more - weird thing happens - in my time there is 8a.m wednesday 14 dec, but here, fitday shows me that there is still 13th of december. And yes, I do have had set my timezone correctly.

Its not like the end of the world of course - I can live with boths. But it would be nice if anyone would find a solutions to these - espacially this "sunday" problem

greetings, Rokku
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