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Originally Posted by kiehnaumartin View Post
I'm using FitDay PC but started with on-line. I noticed a big difference in the recommended intake for potassium in these two versions. On-line, I am not getting enough (4700 mg), but in FitDay PC, 3715 mg is 106%. Why the difference? There is also a difference in sodium. In the on-line version, I'm getting too much if I go over 1300 mg, but FditDay PC says that 2023 mg sodium is only 84% of the max. Why the difference. My profile is the same in both, so it's not an age or sex difference. I haven't checked other nutrients but am concerned about these. What should I be aiming for?
Let's start with the sodium. The FD online Na is ridiculously low. I asked about it, but never got a response.

I've seen Na maximums anywhere from 2300-2400 mg from sources, and I've checked many.. So I would believe the PC version on this, and basically ignore the online number, OR set your own custom nutrient goal for Na for online. 2023 is still pretty low, and this is the number (2k and below) established for those with high blood pressure. If you don't have that, you can go up to 2.4 grams or 2.5 grams safely. The weekly average is really what's important here, IMO, since it's very easy to have a "high salt day".

As far as Potassium, 4700 mg per day IS the established RDA for everyone, so I have no idea why the PC version would say 3715. But once again, I've checked numerous sources on this, and the minimum all suggest is 3500. So if I were you, I'd set your goal at 3500 minimum, and maximum can be above 4700 if you want. Some days I've gotten over 5 grams of K. If you are having difficulty achieving your K amount because you are concerned about calories (and who isn't?) this thread will be of help:

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