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good for you dear abby

Thanx for the encouragement Pam

Today I went out for a walk run walk session, I did my usual warming up of 15 minutes and then a round of 5K with 10 minutes running (well, jogging) and 5 minutes walking. I wasnt feeling like running non stop today. Took me exactly 50 minutes to finish so not very bad.

Somehow a headache creeps up on my when I run, I've tried to rule out dehydration, the light (am light sensitive, in summer I always wear sunglasses or I'll get an instant headache) so what is left is that theres no forest floor to run on near my area but only bicycle roads of asfalt. Maybe the pounding...?

If anyone has another idea how to avoid coming home with a headache after a run plz tell me

For the next few weeks I'll try to stick with 3 times a week, I'm not sure whether to work on distance first or work towards going for a run 4 times a week.

Thoughts on that are appreciated as well
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