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Default Nutrition label - can imported food lie about the total calories and the fat content?

I have a quick questions about imported snacks. I have been going to the Chinese Grocery and I found some really delicious Tempura Seaweeds that I love. They are so delicious and the fat g is only 3g per serving. The total calories is like 200 per serving. And their serving size is 10 of the tempura seaweeds strips. It sounds too good to be true.
And then it got my attention when I started looking at other snacks from Vietnam, Taiwan and China. They also have pretty good calories in their snacks. And the fat grams are usually under 5g. It is too good to be true and I am wondering if imported food can lie about their nutrition value and still get to import to the States?
Please let me know if you folks know anything about the nutrition values stuff.


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