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Default Differences between FitDay, FitDay PC, and FitDay Premium

FitDay PC:

Get FD PC if you just want a standalone version for your computer which you can use off line. The free version is still available to use as well. FitDay PC offers a recipe builder, which in itself is worth the money. It also tracks Net Carbs for those of you needing that function. In addition, it provides enhanced Reports. It's a real bargain for $29.95.

FitDay Premium & PC:

You'll need the Premium service, along with the PC version, if you want to sync between your home computer and the on line FitDay for your food journal, etc. Premium also delivers the journaling experience without advertising, as well as enhanced Reports.

FitDay Premium:

You can just get the Premium if you want added features to your on line experience. This is especially desirable if you want to track certain nutrients because of specific health issues. Alsso, there is no advertising and there are enhanced Reports.

Some decide to get the Premium without getting the PC version.

FitDay free service:

If none of the above choices are desirable, then stick with the free on line version of FitDay.

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