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Originally Posted by VitoVino View Post
I have notified an Admin of the situation. Unfortunately that is all I can do for you at this time.

Have you tried to "sync" your PC version? Follow this link for more information. I do not have premium so I can't be of much help beyond this.

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Thanks VitoVino. I appreciate the help- still confused. I followed the link you sent- seems like other people have had the same issue as me- all questions appear to remain relatively unanswered. It seems I need to sync- OK, I get that. Somebody needs to tell me HOW. I can't find one FAQ, one thread, one response etc... that tells me how to do this or a support person from Fitday to contact. If I spent $20 I wouldn't be so annoyed. I love my free version and the Ap- the $20 would be worth it just for what I have been using for free until now. But $50 2 weeks before Christmas is very irritating- I wasn't making a donation, I was paying for a service. I want some help from FitDay, clear information about syncing directions/issues, or a refund. Still need help and losing patience. Sorry for ranting- not your fault- at least you tried to help.
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