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Angry Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, Not a happy camper here. Is there any support person to talk with regarding FitDay? I just spent $49.95 to upgrade my free acct to premium status and got a confirmation & download. I can't get my existing free acct with ALL my custom foods, weights etc... already typed in (weeks of data) to show up on the program I just paid for. When I click on the icon that is now installed on my desktop- Fitday does open- it tells me it's version 1 (version 2 evidently would have cost me 29.95? why did I just pay $50?) and all fields are blank- none of my info from my free acct transferred. I then go to my e-mail, find the FitDay mail with my premium membership # and link, I click it and it brings me to my free acct that has not changed one bit. WTF??? I wouldn't be half as mad if there was a support phone # or something for help. Can anybody advise me????
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