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I run 3 times a week, around 5 kilometer, no idea what that is in miles, plz excuse me

However, like the article that was linked here a few pages back, I can see why exercise can result in weightgain instead of loss, for it makes my already big appetite even bigger.

The body is such an amazing efficient machine! It needs so little fuel to keep going and its so easy to get a daily overload of fuel to be stored as extra weight :/

So I'd probably better start walking 6 days a week for an hour instead of 3 times a week a 40 minute jog (yes I'm that slow lol) if I read that article correctly. I find it hard to be active during the day, most of the time I feel worn out, so those 40 minutes putting one foot in front of the other and concentrate on breathing are easier for me than to incorporate more activity during the whole day.

And not "reward" with junkfood of course...
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