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Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
OK Slugs, start slithering - even slugs move around a lot!

Mary, both bells and sneakers – we have a Jingle Bell Run through downtown in Boston.

Good to see you posting SW – I’ve missed you. That 5K will be a good kick.

Pam, I will always run in fear from a jump rope!

My legs were tired from my run yesterday, then we did serious strength work in Spin this morning, I can walk barely. I finished up with 20 cruches on the incline bench, and 8 captain’s chair leg lifts. Ready to rumble!
Good one Abby; even slugs move around .
I suspect you are ready to tackle the dreaded jump rope, however. It really is a great exercise. A spin class after a 5K sounds like leg torture to me, I am impressed. No wonder you are having trouble walking . So what's a captains chair leg lift?

Mary, Mary, quite contrary: we miss you. Glad you got a walk in. Why is it that when we need the benefits of exercise the most, we seem to get it the least. I have to admit, I too would tend to hibernate in your climate: cold and dark, but there are always lights on at the Y

Good luck with your race SW

And how are all the other's doing???
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