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Originally Posted by rosiecris View Post
I have lost about 30 pounds and have more to go, but the scale seems stuck. I'm exercising and eating under 1000 calories. Suggestions for breaking thru this plateau are much appreciated.

Hi Rosie,
I don't know how much weight you want to lose, but I can tell you from my experience and many other's here on the forums, that plateauing at 30lbs is really common. Basically your body is trying to get used to its new shape and metabolism. Here is a suggestion that worked for me (actually my diet doc recommended this):

Now is a good time to recalculate your daily calorie requirement (it will be substantially lower with your new bod). Most of us find that FitDay over estimates the requirement (especially for women - which I am assuming your are) so pick an activity level lower than what your really think is correct and use the lowest calculation.

Once you have that information, up your daily calories to just below your "maintence" level for a few weeks to allow your body to get used to the new you. Try to make sure that you continue whatever exercise routine you have adopted and maybe - if possible - add a little more.

After a week or 2 return to your reduced calorie plan.

Some people do have a little trouble with this. For one, if you have been really good about maintaining your calorie deficit, allowing yourself to eat more can be a scary. Secondly, some people rather than continuing with the great eating habits they have developed just adding a little more food, see this as an opportunity to return to the old bad habits - don't be one of those people.

The biggest benefit to this is that some day you will be at your chosen weight and you will have to maintain that weight, believe me, maintaining can be as hard as losing. So consider this a practice run.

Other's will probably have other suggestions, but as I said earlier, this worked for me and gave me a little break for the strict regiment.
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