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Nice work Pam, can't believe those X Fit people skip the run, thats when you get to have fun. Yes, I am planning to do another race, there actually is one this Sunday, which I'd love to do, but won't for two reasons, 1) today is our first cold day, it will be worse and 2) a meeting was rescheduled for this Sunday so I could attend, guess I should make it!

Tori, hope you're recovering - they are about to start an AM boot camp at the Y, so I'll be commisserating with you soon.

Today I woke up thinking - "long run day". I used a treadmill with a 5 K program, which took me just about 26 minutes, I considered buying another round for the whole row of treadmills, but instead, just punchned in 10 minutes more and 1.2 miles more.

Feel great!

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